2023 - Foals For Sale

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2023 Foals - Some for Sale

Black Pinto Filly - Sold . Out of Princess Tie Dye and Cowboy. Born Feb 19th,  2023.  GGGrand Daughter of Minute Maid & Ty Dye.  Jennifer's new baby :)


Sold - Buckskin Pinto Colt - Born March 24, 2023

Sold  - Born March 24th, 2023 -

Buckskin Pinto  Colt  . Banjo is Super Flashy with a short, refined head.    He should mature in the B division of AMHR.  Out of Ringo and Whimsey..  His pedigree contains Fallen Ash Farms Eagle Scout,  Little Kings Lil Buckeroo and other World Champions.    Thank you Catherine !

Expecting one more foal -. Will post upon arrival. Please check back.

**.Sold  - born May 2, 2023

  Sorrel Pinto Filly -  Lovely and nicely marked.  Out of Bluebonnet and Ringo.  Estimating she will mature in the "B" range of AMHR.  Out of the well known Fallen Ash Farms Eagle Scout line and  has several National Champions in her line.

She can be anything you want, a forever family pet or use as a valued broodmare.  She can be a great cart horse, when she turns three.  . Weaning, is around Sept 2nd.   Thanks, Marlena  !  This filly has a great home and will be paying it forward, as a mini ambassador for children.



** Not For Sale -  Born May 1st Bay Pinto Filly by Ringo & Icy.  Keeping this quality baby for a future broodmare.

 AG's Mini Dreams Miss Diamond Ring


**Litter of English Cream Golden Retrievers . Currently one handsome boy available to go home now!  Reduced to  $1,500 pet, to find his forever home.  Born May 6, th. 



SOLD **  Flashy Sorrel Pinto colt out of Red and Grafetti.  Born July 15, 2023 . Handsome boy who has a gorgeous refined head and blaze. .   Out of a show pedigree background of Lil Buckeroo and FAF Eagle Scout.     SOLD Deposit has been received.



SOLD**  Handsome colt born July 15th, 2023, out of Red and Carolina. He looks to be changing to a deeper chestnut color.  

 Show lineage of Buckeroo and FAF Eagle Scout. Really nice conformation that looks like his sire. Exquiste refined head. Can be registered AMHR for $50 extra.