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2018 FOALS --- Sold

Sold. Sorrel Pinto Colt. By Red and Mariah. Born Feb 23. 2018. A birthday surprise for a special girl. Thank you Frank.

Beautiful markings on this flashy boy.  Short head and nice conformation.   Super sweet personality. Sold.

Sold .  Gambler - Born 3-29-18. By Morning Star and Red.  This little boy is too adorable being small and has good conformation.   Tiny head and refined. Sweet and gentle personality.  Deposit accepted 4.5.2020.  Thank you Cindy for giving him a great home.

Not for Sale - BAY PINTO FILLY -  Awesome girl by CAROLINA and RED   Born 3.29.18.    SUPER NOVA has beautiful colorling, striking head with one blue eye.  Will be keeping this flashy filly !  

Sorrel Pinto Filly

 Sold - Beautiful pinto Filly -born April 3rd, 2018  By Red and Princess Ty Dye.  She is the greatgreatgranddaughter of our mare Minute Maid and Ty Dye . Other side goes back to Chanti and Nirvanas show horses. A lot of sentiment in this filly.   . Thanks to Pamela for her new special home.

 SOLD - Tonto - Buckskin Pinto colt. For Sale : Arrived May 4th by Ringo and Wine.  Such a pretty boy! What a wonderful addition to this year's babies.  He has one blue eye. Pic above.

 Sold......Golden Palomino Colt.   Born May 4th by Ringo x Cloud.  Palomino lovers are going to be thrilled with this good looking baby. Small, refined head and good conformation.