Fun Photo Page of Our Minis in Action

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Enjoy viewing photos of some our favorite moments with our minis. Our beloved minis are companions and pets first, as they bring so much pleasure to our lives.

Memories for a Lifetime :)

1999 AMHA National Show - Minute Maid & Colors

Sold - HARRELLS SOUTHERN CROSS - Beautiful, Refined Brown Blanketed Appalossa 32"

Stallion - HARRELLS SOUTHERN CROSS - Brown Blanketed Appalossa - Sold

BRITT HELM GRANDE COLORS - World Champion Youth Jumper Gelding - Sold

2000 AMHA Show - Britt Helm Grande Colors - National Champion Youth Jumper - Sold__

4th of July Parade 2002 - AG'S Mini Dreams Centurian's Top Buck - This 33.25" stallion is out of the AMHA National Champion "Little King's Centurian", grandson of the magnificent buckskin "Boone's Little Buckeroo" N/A.

. 4th of July Parade . -

Waiting for the 2002 4th of July Parade to begin. Children up close and loving it.

2002 4th of July Parade

Minute Maid & Jen - Crossing into Texas going to Nationals--Long drive from Jacksonville, Florida!!!

Making Big Friends at Kentucky Horse Park

Ty Dye - our beautiful gelding. (28 years old in 2022 and in retirement with Jennifer.)

Minute Maid in jumping competition at Nationals. This special mare is now 29 years old (2020) and in retirement with Jennifer.

Ribbon Wall Paper - Brag, Brag, Brag!

Dancing with Hooves - Jumping practice at Ohio Regionals

Our Gelding- BJ's WEE WHINNIES TY DYE Dark Brown/Black Pinto with Super Refinement, Tiny Head and a Wonderful Floating Trot - .

Minute Maid jumping in a show class

Holly giving Greg a workout during jumping practice.

Ty Dye & Minute Maid in retirement at Jennifer's farm. Minute is 31 & Ty Dye is 28 in 2022.

Minute and Jen warming up at the Florida State Fair miniature horse show.

Holly - Halter Obsacle class in North Carolina

Ty Dye

My grandsons enjoying their own minis in 2020 !