2017 Foals

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Pixel x Red ...Black Pinto colt.    June 15th, 2017 . Sold to Michele.  😀


 Bluebonnet  x. Ringo 

Bay Roan Pinto Filly born 4.24.17. Lovely girl, thrills me to look at her. This beauty has been placed in the loving care of Lou !

Mimi x Ringo......Born May 10th 😃


May 10th - a handsome black and white. He is in his baby colors and will shed into his dark black as he grows. Will be small around 31 inches or less.  Excellent markings.  Sold



Whimmsey x Ringo......Born May 11th 😃

 SOLD. ...... May 11, thought I had a nice darker buckskin pinto filly.  Tiny face and a beauty.  But Surprise, surprise....all the buckskin shed out and she is a smokey black pinto.  She will be around 31 or 32 inches tall

Thank you Sarah for giving Luv Bug a loving home 😃