2017 For Sale Foals

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Pixel x Red ...Black Pinto colt.    June 15th, 2017 . Sold to Michele.  😀


 Bluebonnet  x. Ringo 

Bay Roan Pinto Filly born 4.24.17. Lovely girl, thrills me to look at her. This beauty has been placed in the loving care of Lou !

Mimi x Ringo......Born May 10th 😃

May 10th - a handsome black and white. He is in his baby colors and will shed into his dark black as he grows. Will be small around 31 inches or less.  Excellent markings.  $950. Could be A or R.



Whimmsey x Ringo......Born May 11th 😃

 SOLD. ...... May 11, thought I had a nice darker buckskin pinto filly.  Tiny face and a beauty.  But Surprise, surprise....all the buckskin shed out and she is a smokey black pinto.  She will be around 31 or 32 inches tall.$1,200.

Thank you Sarah for giving Luv Bug a loving home 😃